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We are experts at using gentle and natural methods to effectively get to the root cause, no matter the health issue.

As a woman and a mom, I am passionate about supporting other woman through all of the changes we go through in life

I believe giving a child a healthy start is the best way for them to have a healthy future

Preconception and Fertility

Physical medicine

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About Dr. Jessie

Hello! I am a Naturopathic doctor registered and practicing in Colorado and I am dedicated and passionate to helping others achieve optimal wellness and educate young and old about preventative medicine.  Getting to the root cause of disease is what brought me to this work and I have been delighted to find that its usually pretty simple! Please click here to learn more about me and on the services I would love to offer you.  Together we can figure it out :)
To learn more about what a first office visit may look like or if you have questions about billing and insurance, please click the "Patients" tab at the top. If you have any other questions, please call 970-439-2104 or send me an e-mail at Happy to chat!