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Acute and Chronic disease

 I treat and support a wide variety of ages and complaints for both acute and ongoing issues.  Most importantly, I am able to assess you or your child's health in a holistic view and identify the obstacle to cure. Once improved, we then can focus our support on prevention so that you continue to live a long and happy life.  Whether you see me once a year or once a month, whatever your need may be, I am excited to get to know you and support your unique body. 
Acute and Chronic diseases I treat:
Colds, flus, cough
Sinus complaints
Allergies (environmental and food)
Stomach pain 
Food sensitivities
Digestive upset, IBS, IBD
Menstrual irregularities or pain

Hormone imbalance
Joint or muscle pain
Thyroid imbalance
Fatigue and Sleep difficulty
Stress and anxiety
Menopause and aging with grace
Skin and hair changes
Cardiovascular disease
Weight management

This is not an exhausted list, please call 303-850-2695 to schedule a 15min consult to see if we are a right fit for you

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