Naturopathic Pediatrics

Naturopaths are trained to take care of your little ones for all of their primary healthcare needs including wellness exams, acute sicknesses such as colds and flus, as well as conjunctive care during a more serious illness needing a specialist.  Although we cannot prescribe medications or give vaccinations in Colorado, I can guide and educate you with these important decisions from an unbiased viewpoint starting at the age of 2.
Children are vibrant and respond very well to natural methods of healing.  By utilizing their bodies innate ability to heal with supportive modalities such as hydrotherapy, nutrition, herbs, hands-on techniques, and homeopathy, we will get your kiddo better in no time.  I am trained to know when pharmaceuticals are indicated and will refer you when needed.  My approach to pediatric care is to not only treat the child but educate the whole family because I truly believe that moms and dads are the best first line healers. We will discuss home remedies you can use, warning signs for a more serious disease, and how your whole family can live a healthy life together. We also can educate you on the many decisions you will face as a parent such as vaccinations, diet and nutritional advice, and environmental exposures, among many others. I believe in informed consent of all the options and supporting the decision you make. 
I am passionate about getting your children off on the right foot to a healthy future and hope to see you soon.