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Preconception and Fertility

The best preventative medicine we can offer starts even before conception. Did you know that it takes about 3-4 months for sperm to be made and the egg to mature? Before and during this time we can make life changes and support our bodies in ways that can affect the health of our future baby and their babies down the road.  Through modalities such as nutritional support, detoxification, specific herbs and nutraceuticals, stress management, and assessing our environmental exposures we can create a very happy and healthy beginning for the little one-to-be.  Making these life changes will also set you up for a healthy pregnancy and has been shown to reduce discomfort and improve birth outcomes.



Sometimes getting pregnant isn't like they say in the story books: two people fall in love, get married, and have a baby...isn't it that simple? Sometimes, yes, but currently we are seeing a drastic rise in the difficulty to become pregnant, with 15% of couples being infertile.  There are many potential causes of this and I am here to work together to support both you and your partners ability to conceive. We will look at the basics from timing, nutrition, and lifestyle factors to a more in depth look at any functional causes, hormone imbalances or egg/sperm quality which we can make improvements in all using Naturopathic medicine! We also work in conjunction with local fertility clinics to support you during any fertility treatments you may chose to have. I look forward to helping you grow your family :)
Fertility and Infertility challanges using holisitic and functional medicine approach. Hormone testing, charting, and individualized nutrition and supplement plans
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