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Physical Medicine

I believe that modern medicine is losing its hands-on assessment and treatment of patients and I would like to keep this tradition in place.  I use many hands-on modalities such as:
Naturopathic manipulation: Finding restrictions in the bones and fascia of the skeletal system and restoring movement using high velocity low impact manipulation.
Hydrotherapy: The use of water to heal is an ancient-old tradition dating back to Germany and I find it can be very helpful whenever we need to increase healing to an area, stimulate the immune system, reduce anxiety, and bring movement into the circulatory and lymph systems.  Many of the therapies can be done at home and become part of your regular routine.
Muscle relaxation techniques:  Such as muscle energy stretching, trigger point work, soft tissue massage, and reciprocal inhibition techniques.  Tight muscles will be restored to their neutral state.
Kinesio Taping: Therapeutic elastic taping helps support joints, muscles, tendons, as well as help bring movement into the lymph and circulatory system in needed areas.  It is a much gentler taping method than athletic taping but with just as much benefit. You may have seen many of the athletes wearing this colored tape in many fun patterns.
Visceral manipulation: The viscera is the tissue and organs inside our bodies and they make many attachments throughout your body, creating one big system.  Unexplained pains and illnesses can find a great deal of relief by releasing any restrictions in this system and I am trained and ready to help.
Craniosacral Therapy: A gentle relaxing technique that brings balance and ease back into your body. Read more here
Stretching and exercise rehabilitation: Targeted exercises and stretches can help you move through and heal any painful area you have been dealing with.  By strengthening and bringing movement into the muscle surrounding a joint, most pain can be reduced and even be put in the past. 
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