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Supplements for Pregnancy- what, why, and which ones

If you are a women of childbearing years, trying to get pregnant, or are already pregnant, this is information you need to know! I dove in deep to the prenatal vitamin world to answers questions like "Do I really need to take a vitamin if I eat well?", "What should I look for in the ingredients?" and "I want to prevent potential issues like high blood pressure and postpartum depression/anxiety- which vitamins should I take?". Please click the link here to go to the article.

Note: it is a bit dense on information for each nutrient. If you read the beginning and scroll to the end, you will get the basics, but I encourage you to read it all! Lots of good information that relates to overall health as well :)

And as always, if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free 15min consult, please reach out at or schedule online here.

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